Terms and conditions of service (Rental Agreement) 

Rental Agreement

These terms and conditions form part of a rental agreement between the invoiced customer and DMV Party Rental Enterprises which is doing business as DMV Party Rental Incorporated and applies to all items rented. The agreement is legally bound. If a dispute transpires, this rental agreement and supporting documentation will be used in the court of law.

Disclaimer – Every effort is made to assure descriptions and prices are correct. Lessor reserves the right to correct errors as needed. All prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Pick Up/ Return: Orders that are picked up from the warehouse are expected back on the next business day, no later than 5:00 pm. If an order is picked up on Friday, all items must be returned by 5:00 pm on Monday. Orders that are not returned by 5:00 pm on following business day will be charged the daily rate at the close of business. If the items are not returned within 5 business days it will be charged as missing.

Deliveries: Deliveries will be on Monday‐Friday between the hours of 7:00 am and 5:00 pm. Saturday, from 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. Sunday delivery cost is a standard $200.00 for the metro DC area. The customer may receive a courtesy call from DMV Party Rental epresentative to confirm a delivery. This call is not mandatory but is to assist in the arrivals and departures of delivery. If a specific time is needed for delivery or pick-up, a convenience fee will be added to the invoice per trip. If an authorized person is not available for delivery, DMV Party Rental Inc. will attempt to contact the paying customer prior to departing from the location. If attempts are unsuccessful, DMV Party Rental will transport the order back to the warehouse. The items will be made available for pick up. If the customer requests a second delivery attempt, an additional delivery charge must be paid prior to delivery. If a delivery needs to be rescheduled at the request of the customer, the customer must pay a additional delivery fee (half of the Invoiced Delivery/Pick up Charge). The same applies if additional items are ordered during or after delivery. If the customer would like set-up or break down or both for the equipment delivered, the paying customer must pay additional fees for this specific service. We are responsible for only delivering the equipment, unless paid for. If the equipment is not broken down when we arrive for pick up the paying customer accepts the additional charges that will be applied to the card given by the paying customer. The customer also agrees to additional charges if the driver and/or helper have to go up to a second floor by stairs. The additional charge will be $40 per level of stairs.

Reservations: All orders must be reserved with a 50% deposit secured by a valid Visa Credit Card, MasterCard, cash, or Business check. The credit card is to act as a verified payment method for additional rental days, damage or loss that may occur while the rented items are in the possession of the customer. Personal checks must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the pick up or delivery date. Business Checks are acceptable. Invoices must be paid in full prior to delivery. NO COD’S will be accepted unless otherwise agreed. If any delinquent card is given the paying customer will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We are not responsible for any injuries caused by our equipment.

DIRTY, DAMAGED OR LOST EQUIPMENT: The customer agrees to pay for any damages or loss of goods as an insurer, regardless of cause except reasonable wear and tear, while the goods are out of the possession of DMV Party Rental Inc. The customer also agrees to pay a reasonable cleaning charge for equipment returned dirty. Please contact the office for this fee. Equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged, beyond repair will be priced at its current market value plus shipping and handling. The cost of repairs will be borne by the customer, whether performed by DMV Party Rental Inc, or at DMV Party Rental Inc. option, by others. If damages or loss occurs to the equipment, due to the fault of the customer, DMV Party Rental will notify the customer within 24 hours of the return date. The card on file will be charged for the amount invoiced. The customer will be notified within 72 hours on damaged or lost linen, china, flatware, stemware, and serving items. The card on fill will be charged for the amount invoiced.
MOON BOUNCE RENTAL POLICY : We DMV PARTY RENTAL INC., are not responsible for any damage or injury caused from use of our moon bounces.

ASSIGNMENTS SUBLEASES AND LOANS OF EQUIPMENT: DMV Party Rental Inc. may hold the rights under this agreement, without the customer’s consents, but will remain bound by all obligations herein. Upon the acceptance of the deposit, the paying customer agrees that he/has read and understands the above Terms & Conditions. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are NOT Negotiable.

ORDER CANCELLATION: All orders are prepared a week prior to the pick up or delivery date. Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to the pick up or delivery date. Cancelled orders will be charged a restocking fee of 25% of the deposit if canceled within the 7 day window. Cancellations must be approved by a DMV Party Rental manager. Orders cancelled within 72 hours of the delivery or pick up are non‐refundable. Approved refunds will be given to the customer in the same form of the payment method.
Changes : Orders can be increased in number. Decreasing the quantity of an invoice within 7 business days forfeits the difference in pricing. All circumstances will be taken into consideration, but must be approved by a manager. All custom orders are non-refundable.

TIME OF PAYMENT. C.O.D: Rental fees are due and payable at the commencement of the rental period. DMV Party Rental Inc. accepts Business Checks, Visa and Master Card Credit Cards. A late fee 1.75% per month (Annual Rate of 21%) will be charged on all overdue accounts. 

Refund: Please note, we do not offer refunds an rental orders. If a credit is due as a result of mishandling on our part, we will deposit it in your account for your next rental purchase.  

PROHIBITED USES: Use of the equipment or linen in the below circumstances is prohibited, and constitutes a breach of agreement.
•  Use for illegal purposes or in a illegal manner
•  Use by anyone other than the customer or its employees, without permission of DMV PARTY RENTAL INC.
•  Use at any location other than the address furnished to DMV PARTY RENTAL INC. without DMV PARTY RENTAL written permission.

INSPECTION: The customer acknowledges that he/she has the opportunity to personally inspect the equipment and linen prior to usage and has rights to notify DMV Party Rental Inc. of any defects. If your event is not during our business hours the customer must call the emergency number which is (703) 986-3093 so the items which may have defects may be either replaced or repaired. If no call is made you will not be entitled to any compensation. The customer MUST sign off on the received quantity. REPLACEMENT OF MALFUNCTION EQUIPMENT OR LINEN: If the equipment or linen becomes unable to use to disrepair status as a result of normal use, the customer agrees to discontinue and notify DMV Party Rental Inc. who will replace the equipment or linen with good products if available. If DMV Party Rental Inc. is unable to produce additional products, a store credit will be given towards the next order.

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